Gin cocktails to impress your friends this Christmastime

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Who doesn’t love a good cocktail on Christmas day? It’s the one time of year it’s acceptable to have a tipple before 9am!

Ready to make the most of the free hall pass? Let’s rustle up some simple, but delicious, cocktails which will be sure to impress your friends on family on the big day.

So, what’s on the festive menu?


For breakfast, we didn’t want to steer too far away from your usual warm cup of tea, so a hot toddy was the obvious choice (if anyone asks, just disguise it as honey and lemon – they’d never know!).

First thing’s first, you need a glass, ideally with a handle – nobody wants burned hands and a trip to A&E on Christmas, after all.

For this, we used our flagship Sir John Conyers London Dry Gin – the premium zesty flavours really pull this simple drink together. 

Pour a generous helping of London Dry into your glass mug, followed by a liberal squeeze of your favourite honey, then top with hot water.

We added a spot of orange to our drink to give it that festive feel, but a cinnamon stick would work a treat too.

Download the recipe card here.


Next up, we’ve got a cranberry fizz – the appropriate complement for your cooked-to-perfection turkey smothered in cranberry sauce.

Since this one’s the star of the show alongside the yuletide banquet, we had to dig out our favourite glasses for the occasion. We popped open a bottle of our fruity and refreshing Sigurd rhubarb and poured along with ice.

After, we added a helping of cranberry juice followed by a dash of prosecco to top it off; feel free to be extra fancy and add the champaign you received as a gift instead.

If you want to go one step further, add in a quick squeeze of lime to balance out the flavours and tame the sweetness – simply delicious.

 Download the recipe card here.


And finally, to round of the day, we bring you a strawberry bramble made with our award-winning Sir John Lambton Strawberry and Mint Gin.

Who doesn’t want to sit and savour a fruity delight after a day packed with celebrations? Grab your favourite gin glass and pack to the brim with ice; serve an open-handed pour of gin, followed by sparkling bramble juice.

Once you’re happy with your measurements, serve with a slice of lemon and be sure to stir well to allow the botanicals to infuse.

Sound like your glass of gin? Download the recipe here.

Oh, and don’t forget to purchase the key ingredients by browsing our gins in our shop here.

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