Our story

We are a family business with a desire to provide clean, pure, quality gin for gin lovers.

The legend

Our aim is to tell the story of our culture and heritage of dragon slayer folklore through our favourite drink. The North East is full of folklore stories, songs and lore which go back often beyond record. No more than 3 miles from our Distillery is Sockburn Hall, the home of Sir John Conyers.

Dragon slayers

Sir John Conyers, was a knight who fought to save his lands from a great dragon who had haunted the region for seven years.

In 1063 AD Sir John slew the Sockburn Worm with his trusty falchion. He buried the remains of the beast under the great ‘Grey Stone’ still visible today a couple of fields away from the ruins of Sockburn Hall. This story is said by many to be the inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s poem, Jabberwocky. 

Dragon slayer Distillery founders standing next to gin still

Our distillery

Dragon Slayer Gin Still


Our still is a 200L handmade Copper Alembic still from Portugal, affectionately known as ‘Bertha.’

Bertha was named after her rather wide bottom half and yet she is still a beauty to behold. She is made up of a pot, column, helmet, swans neck, condenser and the all important point of pleasure.


Our botanicals are carefully sourced from around the world including some locally sourced botanicals such as lavender.

We select only the very best quality botanicals to go into our gin.


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