Why gin should be your go-to alcoholic drink

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Dragon Slayer Distillery is saving January! That’s right… strap yourselves in as we’re about to list off the many reasons you SHOULD be drinking gin this month (in moderation, of course).

Why is it that everyone in the UK seems to universally decide January is a depressing month? No goodies, no drinking… no fun!

Well, we stand by the idea that you should enjoy life’s little joys, and if those come in a luxurious bottle filled with high–quality gin, then so be it – grab your favorite goblet and responsibly treat yourself during the ‘bluest’ month of the year.

Here’s why you shouldn’t feel guilty about it…


If you’re one of those cutting down on calories after indulging over the festive period, then a glass of G&T should be your new best friend.

The drink is naturally low in calories, and if you pair it with a slimline tonic, you’ve got a guilt-free beverage to enjoy.  

And guess what? If the gin itself is delicious, you won’t miss out on any flavor… and we might know a guy who can help you out with mouth-watering gin – click here to check him out.

Juniper berry benefits

Did you know juniper berries are classed as a ‘superfood’ – not only are they rich in antioxidants which are good for your gut, skin, and overall health, they’re also pretty tasty too.

Our luxury small-batch distilled gins are packed with these berries, which give them a signature flavor, and offer gin-lovers an array of personal benefits too.

Oh, and did we mention you may find anti-aging properties in the juniper berry as well?

Goodbye hay fever

Forget about antihistamines, a bottle of gin could be the answer to your sniffly nose and itchy eyes.

Many darker alcoholic beverages contain two allergy-triggering chemicals: histamine and sulfites, which worsen hay fever symptoms.

However, lighter spirits, like Dragon Slayer Gin, contain little to no traces of these ingredients – meaning you can enjoy a boozy lunch in peace.

No more sore heads

Look, if you drink a full bottle of DS, you’re more than likely to feel a little dizzy the day after. However, in comparison to darker drinks, you’re less likely to feel lightheaded in the morning.

Again, we reiterate, our drink is to be savored, not guzzled in one go – so if you drink it under our guidance, you’ll always wake up feeling as fresh as a daisy.

The reason for this is due to a biproduct left over during the fermentation process of drinks such as whiskey or rum, called congeners, which are thought to worsen your headache – these of course aren’t found in your bottle of Dragon Slayer.

All in moderation

Our gin should be savored, each drop should be appreciated – to reap the benefits of drinking this spirit, it is recommended to be done in moderation. 

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