Dragon Slayer’s guide to Christmas gifts for gin lovers

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The big man’s coming to town… and no, not Paul, we mean Mr Claus of course! It’s that time of year when you get a gin lover their obligatory bottle of the good stuff, but we want to help you spice things up this December.

Though getting a loved one their favourite drink never goes amiss, in fact, we’d actively encourage you to grab a bottle of premium Dragon Slayer Gin – it’s local (if you’re in the North East), packed with luxurious botanicals, and well, it tastes pretty good if we do say so ourselves!

But if you feel things are getting a tad repetitive and want to think outside of the box this year, we’ve pulled together some gift ideas we LOVE as distillers, and we’re sure that gin lover you know will too.

White Company Gin Glasses

You may have seen these stylish glasses appear once or twice across our social channels, they’re unique, striking and make for a great picture opportunity.

The chunky stem also helps to keep your drink cool, too – what more could you want?

At £38 for two, they are on the pricey side, but can you really put a price on an aesthetical gin and tonic in your own home? We think not!

When we’re not drinking out of our bespoke glasses we had sent to us (keep an eye on our shop if you’d like one soon!), we’ll always reach for our trusty White Company chalices.

Silicone Ice Ball Moulds

There’s nothing worse than making a gin and tonic, then realising you don’t have any ice! With these handy silicone moulds, you won’t only have ice on hand, but your G&T will look fresh from a high-end cocktail bar.

The nifty sphere ice cubes will give a drink, whether neat, tall or in a cocktail, that certain je ne se quoi needed to impress friends.

And that’s why we recommend giving it to anyone who’s passionate about spirits. This gift, paired with a bottle of Dragon Slayer, is an elite combination.

Dehydrated botanicals

Admittedly, if you’re crafty, you could give this gift a try on your own! Dehydrated fruit enhances the flavor of your drink, and it looks picture perfect when served too.

Whether you’d like to make your own and package it up in a cute bag, or buy some from a local retailer, they are the perfect addition to any gin lover’s bottle.

We personally love to pair dehydrated rose petals with our Sigurd Rhubarb gin; rose is one of they key ingredients in Sigurd, and petals just help to enhance those delicious flavors.

Of course, these cute gifts are just the cherry on top! The gin is the real star of the show, so be sure to shop for a premium bottle of Dragon Slayer for them this Christmastime by shopping here.

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