Dragon Slayer’s iconic bottles

dragon slayer bottle neck close up
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Bottle and labelling:

Our bottles are more than just vessels for our gin; they are works of art that which help to tell a story. Each curve, ridge and quirk has been meticulously designed to represent the North’s iconic legends.

With each spirit we launch, a new knight is added to our elite guild, each telling its own tale through a poem which celebrates the victor’s unique legacy.

Upon first glance, our bottles should invoke throughs of the realm of ‘dungeons and dragons’, inspired by medieval design and Norse knotwork – instantly the consumer knows there’s a story to be told.

Starting at the top of our bottles, the stopper which keeps our gin fresh, clean and pure was crafted with our Knight’s helmet in mind, which he would have worn during his battle with history’s vicious mythical creatures.

Feeling downwards, the ridges on the bottle surface create a tactile experience reminiscent of the majestic armour worn by knights. Accompanied by a custom crest, the design pays homage to the esteemed elite status attained by our Dragon Slayers upon fulfilling their prophetic destiny.

At the bottle’s base lies a Dragon symbol, adorned with the phrase “glistening under the sunlight, the beast rose up”, an excepted extract from the tale of Sir John Conyers.

Our bottles are crafted snugly to fit in the gin-lovers hand, and upon first touch, the packaging should begin unravelling part of the North’s rich history of folklore.

The experience of drinking Dragon Slayer is more than just a premium taste, it’s the journey you go on upon unbottling the gin with the stories told by our unique packaging.

Packaging and merchandise:

Every interaction a gin enthusiast has with Dragon Slayer is intended to be an immersive, premium journey. From the moment the bottle is opened to the exquisite taste of the gin, each step of the experience is meant to be savoured.

The choice of glassware plays a pivotal role in the gin-drinking ritual. Opting for a large goblet allows the spirit to breathe, while leaving ample space for ice, garnishes, or fresh herbs, thereby enriching the overall sensory journey.

Because of this, we are on the cusp of a collaboration with Glenn Cairn, renowned for their meticulous craftsmanship in creating Crystal Gin Glasses that align perfectly with our distillery’s exacting standards. These glasses, with their captivating design and impeccable clarity, not only elevate the aesthetic presentation of your preferred botanical elixir but also unlock the intricate aromas and delicate flavours.

Sipping Dragon Slayer from a premium engraved chalice is intended to embody the esteemed status of the Knights which inspire the gin, further enhancing the premium experience.

Physical brand experiences:

Establishing a strong presence within the community is crucial for effectively conveying the narrative, flavour, and quality of our product.

Our team frequently participates in local markets, where visitors have the opportunity to taste our London Dry, Strawberry and Mint, and Rhubarb gins in various cocktails, all while learning about the backstory of each Knight.

Moving forward, our objective is to deepen our engagement with the community by hosting our own events and cocktail-making sessions. These initiatives aim to empower fellow gin enthusiasts to fully appreciate and enjoy their premium spirits.

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