Three tonics we recommend pairing with our Sir John Conyers gin

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Our flagship gin was designed with flexibility in mind; we wanted it to be smooth, citrusy, and easy-to-enjoy, no matter how you prefer to drink it – on the rocks, with tonic, or with lemonade. 

Over the years, though, we’ve sampled our fair share of tonics, and of course, have warmed to a few flavors, which have become our go-to when craving a gin and tonic.

So, if you’re looking to explore a couple of tonics, here are our recommendations…

Mediterranean tonic

A staple in our tonic collection! We almost always have a stash of these tonics kept in the fridge, ready to quench our gin and tonic thirst.

Why do we like it? Mediterranean tonics are usually packed with oils and herbs gathers from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

It has a light floral flavor and compliments our gin incredibly well – ideal to enjoy on a hot, summer’s day!

You can find this tonic in most supermarkets and is usually based at a price point which doesn’t break the bank, too.

Spanish clementine

Do you have a pallet for fruity and zesty flavors? Spanish clementine could be your new favorite.                                                                                                                                                             
While the tonic is fruity, it isn’t too sweet, and holds just the right amount of orange-y flavor, which we tend to enjoy no matter the time of year.

We usually serve with a generous slice of orange, ice and of course, our favorite gin glasses.


This tonic will really have your tastebuds tingling. It’s sharp, gently bitter and helps bring out all the botanicals in our London Dry gin.

We tend to reach for the Fever-Tree Lemon Tonic Water, whose lemons are freshly picked and squeezed into oils in Sicily, to help the tonic keep its strong taste.

An incredibly refreshing way to enjoy a cheeky gin and tonic. 

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