A day in the life working at Dragon Slayer Distillery

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No day is ever the same when you juggle creating award-winning gins, running a distillery, and looking after your one-year-old baby; the days are hectic, but owners Will and Yazz wouldn’t change it for the world.

So, what does a typical day look like for the distillery duo? Well, the pair certainly aren’t in need of an alarm clock, as baby Odin often wakes them up at the early hour of 6am…

Bright and early

Family first, always! Mornings are often spent setting little Odin up for the day. After a quick cuddle and a play, it’s time to feed him some scrambled egg, his favourite breakfast.  

Once fed and watered, Yazz and Odin get ready together; after a morning shower, Yazz completes her morning routine, which includes skincare, hair and makeup, which Odin often likes to get involved with too.

 Then, it’s time for a strong cup of tea (that’s right, distillers don’t drink gin for breakfast!), before checking in on emails in case orders have been made, the calendar to oversee events and meetings, and finally, checking the stock.

Flexibility and organisation

No two mornings look the same; managing director Yazz dips in and out of emails and admin-based tasks, in between playing with toy cars and building blocks.

Flexibility really is key when being full-time parents and full-time business owners, office hours don’t exist – the team are nonstop throughout the day but tend to work around Odin’s schedule.

To allow this flexibility, however, planning is essential – Yazz relies on her Google phone to stay as organised as possible, as her documents, emails and to-do lists are all kept in one place, ensuring important tasks are addressed daily.

Wait a minute Mr. Postman

It’s possibly the most important task of the day, especially if you’re a customer! It’s time to package up those gin orders and get them sent on their merry way.

It’s a team effort to package up the goods, but then Will is given the lovely job of heading to the Post Office to get them delivered to Dragon Slayer lovers, while Yazz waits at home with baby Odin (putting a toddler in a car takes a lot more time than you’d expect!).

Then, it’s time to get labelling and bottling up the gin! Ideally, the distillery continuously has two shelves packed full of each flavor – there’s always plenty to go around in case of a last-minute event, or an influx of orders.


After a busy morning you tend to build up quite the appetite! But it’s never a sit-down affair – lunch is often enjoyed on the go, either while enjoying a walk with the pram, or in the car making local deliveries.

A chicken salad is the Gibdick’s go-to lunch, preferably with bacon and artichokes, if there’s no time, a banana and peanut butter always does the trick.

The best till’ last

Afternoons are spent doing admin tasks for Yazz, often paying invoices and having meetings with Dragon Slayer’s accountant.

While Will spends his time out and about working at local markets, festivals and events, spreading the message about Dragon Slayer Gin.

After a busy day, the duo save the best task until last – experimenting with new gin flavors! There’s no better way to unwind, it’s arguably the best part of the whole job.

 Night owl

There’s no stopping point for the Dragon Slayer team, and they’ll work until the early hours if needs be to ensure all of the daily tasks are completed.

Yazz said: “My son helps me get through a busy working day; his smile brings me so much joy if I’m having a tough time.

“It can be really hard to juggle mum and work-life, because with being your own work, whatever you put in, is whatever you get out of it – I want to make this a successful business for him.” 

To taste what delicious drinks Yazz and Will make on the daily, shop Dragon Slayer’s range of three premium gins here.

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