The Perfect Serve For Sir John Conyers London Dry Gin

sir john conyers gin and glass with orange slices
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So you’ve bought our gin and you’re wondering what’s the best way to serve it right? 

Well there are many ways you could serve our gin! 

First, we suggest that you try our gin with a normal unflavoured tonic. See what botanicals you can taste. Can you taste the lemon or orange or even the lavender? 

Whichever botanical you can taste, add a little bit to your drink. For example, for myself I can taste the orange, so I add either a slice of orange or if I’m feeling fancy a lovely swirl of orange peel. 

I have always loved a flavoured tonic and my personal favourite which I think compliments this gin beautifully is Mediterranean from FeverTree. 

So if you ask me what my perfect serve is, it would have to be a shot of our gin with a swirl of orange peel (additionally I brush the orange peel around the rim of my gin glass) and a 250ml bottle of Mediterranean tonic from FeverTree. Oh and lots of ice!!! 

I almost forgot the glass! For the glass we prefer a chalice like goblet to really get into the medieval spirit! 

We hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to post your perfect serve on Instagram or Facebook and tag us @dragonslayerdistillery so we can see your creations!

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