An Introduction from the Co-Founder

Dragon slayer Distillery founders standing next to gin still
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My name is Yasmin, co-founder of Dragon Slayer Distillery alongside my father, Paul.

Working together utilising my father’s experience in business and his love of spirits and my enthusiasm for gin, we are creating a fabulous range of gins inspired by dragon slayer folklore. 

This blog was created to let you get more acquainted with us. If you enjoy gin just as much as we do, then I think you will really enjoy reading this blog. Whether you are just fascinated by gin itself or want to know more about how gin is distilled or would like an amazing gin and tonic loaf recipe for your next soarie, then keep reading as we have lots in store for you. 

We hope you enjoy this blog just as much as you are going to enjoy our gin! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, for the latest news.

Yours sincerely, 


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