Behind the scenes of our new Silver Knight Vodka

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Dragon Slayer Distillery may we well known for our iconic luxurious gins, but there’s a new kid on the block… Silver Knight is our newest range of delicious vodkas.

In December, we worked around-the-clock to perfect three outstanding vodka flavours: original, berry and citrus – each falling under our new Silver Knight label.

While it’s been a learning curve, it’s been a whole load of fun spending time experimenting in the distillery; let’s talk you through the whole experience…

Grain versus potato

At Dragon Slayer Distillery, we distill alcohol to create our delicious products, but we don’t ferment it – to do this, we go to a trusted supplier who holds the same high standards as our distillery.

This left us with a difficult decision whether to order grain or potato-based alcohol. After lots of taste testing, we decided to go with potato – it does need distilling more times, but we found it was smoother and creamier.

10 times distilled, three times filtered

The alcohol is distilled and filtered until pure, clean, smooth – this process ensures all impurities are removed, and we’re left with a neutral taste, a must-have with high-quality spirits.

You can often tell how well a vodka has been created based on the ‘stain glass windows’ on the glass – keep an eye out, you’ll see them with ours!

Essentially, this gives us a great blank canvas, ready to add our signature Dragon Slayer stamp.

Natural, locally sourced flavour

With our Silver Knight vodkas, we leave the flavorings for a 12-hour period to allow the vodka to soak in all the juices.

With our berry vodka, we hand crushed fresh strawberries, blueberries, cherries and raspberries to create the perfect flavour. It’s trial and error at times, but the best part of the process.

Copper contact

After the flavours have soaked in, we then distill three more times. Essentially, we want as much copper contact as possible. This process, which is called reflux, consists of vapor rising and hitting the copper shell before condensing back down to a liquid – the more times this happens, the smoother our spirit will be.

Then last stop, it’s time to put the spirit into a carbon filter to purity it one final time, before bottling it up ready for sale.

If you’d like to buy a bottle of Silver Knight and see how delicious it is for yourself, purchase your bottle here and take your cocktails to the next level:

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